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HYGEA NATURALS Luxury allergen proof mattress covers prevent bed bugs and allergens from entering your mattress. The products are waterproof, bed bug bite proof, machine washable and feature locking zippers. The stretchable material fits 9-15″ deep. They are made from 100% polyester. FAST, FREE SHIPPING! 



Which Is The Best Bed Bug Mattress Protector?

A mattress encasement is an important investment because a mattress is such an expensive purchase. And if you have health issues such as a bad back or certain digestive problems, you may need a mattress that is very expensive. The bottom line is that we all know how important a good night’s sleep is to our overall health and the mattress, box springs and pillows you use will play a major role in that. So, if you have a mattress that works for you, you probably want it to last as long as possible. One of the best things you can do to protect that investment is the use the best bed bug mattress encasement. And if you’re going to purchase one, it makes sense for it to be water, bed bug and allergen proof, as well. FAST, FREE SHIPPING! is also a big plus.

When folks ask which bed bug mattress cover is the best or which mattress protector they should buy, we simply suggest the line of Luxurious Mattress Covers from Hygea Natural. Here’s why:

    • Laboratory tested and certified bed bug proof mattress encasement. So, they keep bed bugs and other pests out – or in, if they are already there.
  • The very best bed bug protection with 3-sided zipper encasement and a super secure velcro flap.
  • Protects against allergens.
  • Protects against dust mites.
  • 100% water proof – protecting your mattress from leaks and spills – including sweat, urine, coffee, wine and other liquids.
  • Hotel grade for durability.
  • Plush and super comfortable.
  • Very stretchable.
  • Machine washable.
  • Dryer safe.
  • Easy, quick installation.
  • Long lasting with a 10-year warranty.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Can also be used as a bed bug box spring cover.

Can Bed Bug Covers Be Washed?

Wondering  how to clean bed bug mattress covers or are they washable? Yes. Our Luxury Bed Bug Mattress Encasement washing instructions are on the package, but they are machine washable and dryer safe. That’s extremely important as anything that you sleep on every night needs cleaned on a regular basis. And nobody wants to take stuff to the dry cleaners every time. We want/need it to be easy and straightforward and ours are. We recommend putting it back on to the mattress right away, though, as it won’t offer any protection from bed bugs or allergens for your mattress while sitting in a closet or in a laundry basket.

How Long Do Bed Bug Mattress Protectors Last?

Obviously, we don’t want to have to spend our hard earned cash on the same stuff multiple times. So quality and endurance are an important part of our buying decisions. And quality and endurance is what you’ll get with our Hygea Natural Luxurious Bed Bug Mattress Covers. They are built to last and come with a 10 year guarantee! So you can trust that you’re making a quality purchase that will bring value and peace of mind for years to come. And since we offer fast, free shipping it’s an even better value so you know this where to buy your mattress protectors.

Is A Mattress Protector Necessary?

That depends on your level of risk. If you travel often and stay in hotels, motels or other unfamiliar places then your risk of exposure to bed bugs is high. Also, if you have consistent problems with allergies then a quality allergen mattress cover may be necessary. If there is a high likelihood that your mattress may be exposed to any sort of liquid, then a good mattress protector is probably a very good investment. Each of us has to assess our own level of risk and make that decision. That said, you can protect your mattress and the investment you made in it for less than $100, which seems like a no-brainer to us, simply based on what a good mattress protector does for you.

Will Mattress Protectors Kill Bed Bugs?

Technically, no, as mattress protectors do not have pesticides in them they don’t actually kill bed bugs or scabies, dust mites, etc. However, if the bed bugs or other critters are already in/on your mattress and/or box springs, then a good quality mattress cover will trap them inside and they will eventually die. That’s the part of the equation most folks overlook: we understand that bed bugs can’t get into your mattress if properly protected, but they can’t get out of a good mattress cover, either. If they die inside of the cover, then they are not biting you, breeding or infesting other areas of your home. Fewer bed bug bites is definitely a win.

Can A Mattress Cover Prevent Bed Bugs?

Obviously, an anti bed bug mattress protector cannot protect your entire home from a bed bug invasion. It can, however, protect your mattress from them. We’ve seen too many cases where the mattress was so infested that folks just had to throw it away because of the bed bugs. And we don’t like the idea of treating bedding with pesticides, either. So a quality bed bug mattress cover can prevent a variety of critters from infesting the mattress. You can also protect your box spring with a cover and we have bed bug pillow covers, as well. They aren’t real expensive so there’s really just no reason not to protect your investment – and yourself – from bed bugs and allergens. Especially if bed bugs keep coming back.

Can A Mattress Cover Make You Sweat?

It is possible that any mattress protector or cover can make the surface of the mattress less breathable, which may in turn cause you to sweat. However, that’s one of the areas where the quality of the mattress cover you choose comes into play. A high quality encasement, made of comfortable, breathable materials, will mitigate that problem by a bunch. It’s a part of the comfort factor and we feel it’s an important part of the purchasing decision.

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  • Manufactured using high tech engineered polyester fabric.
  • Stretches to fit any mattress from 9″ to 15″ in depth, which allows it to fit a pillow top mattress.
  • King sized will fit on California King.
  • Twin sized will fit on an xl twin (bed bug mattress protector twin xl).
  • Bed bug mattress cover washing instructions on the packaging.


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  1. John G (verified owner)

    We purchased the luxurious mattress cover and are very happy with our purchase. It arrived in just a few days, was easy to put onto the mattress, and you really can’t even tell it’s there. Comfortable and seems to be made very well. We recommend it highly.

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