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Our bedbug traps are non-toxic, human friendly and pet-safe. Providing the most effective bedbug early detection/protection available anywhere. Get ahead of bed bugs before they get ahead of you.

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Are Bed Bug Traps Effective?

Ours are! These bed bug traps really do work. Our unique and exclusive ‘Active Beacon’ technology consistently outperforms other bed bug traps that are out on the market. Our traps actually mimic human breath – or, more specifically, the CO2 in human breath – to draw bedbugs in. They think they’re about to get an easy meal when instead they fall into an inescapable, angle walled glue trap. Each trap comes with a zippered bag for quick and easy disposal so bed bug diy removal has never been easier. Here’s some things you should know about our bed bug traps:

  1. These traps are effective for attracting, catching and detecting bedbugs for weeks.
  2. They’re non-toxic and pesticide free.
  3. Safe to use around your children and pets.
  4. They’ve performed extremely well and have proven to be effective in numerous field trials.
  5. You don’t have to touch the critters! Just place the tray in the provided zipper bag and throw it away.
  6. While bed bug traps – including ours – aren’t intended to actually get rid of or even prevent a pest problem, if used correctly they can help you get ahead of a problem before it gets out of hand. That’s the real value these traps offer – early detection and monitoring on a space by space basis. If you can stop the problem when there are a dozen critters as opposed to a few hundred (or even more!), it’ll save you time, money and plenty of frustration.

How Do Bed Bug Traps Work?

Some sticky pest traps count on luck to catch critters. You simply place them where you think there may be pest activity and hope for the best. Our Bed Bug Traps are different – and better. You place them wherever you may suspect bedbug activity just like any other trap. The difference is our ‘Active Beacon’ technology, which lures bedbugs in instead of just hoping they get there. The CO2 is the bait, similar to how a CO2 machine for bed bugs works, except they trap then as well. It’s perfect because that’s exactly what draws bed bugs to your body when you sleep, so it’s the best bait possible. Their natural instinct is to follow the CO2 trail to an easy blood meal, so it’ll work every time. They just can’t resist it. Unfortunately for them, there’s a sticky trap with steep, angled walls between them and the CO2 bait that they cannot escape from. There are other types – there were even bed bug traps on Shark Tank – but none have the Active Beacon technology that make sours better. It’s simple: bed bug traps with CO2 (or bed bug traps with carbon dioxide) are just plain more effective than those without it.

CO2 bedbug traps

Our CO2 Active Beacon Technology Makes All Of The Difference

24 Hour Bed Bug Protection For Your Family

One of the really great things about our bed bug traps is that you literally set it and forget it. It just takes a minute or less to prepare and place each trap and it requires zero maintenance for the life of the trap. You get peace of mind knowing that they are working 24/7, protecting you from a bed bug invasion with early detection. They work as great monitoring devices, allowing you to see where there is bedbug activity and where there is not. That can be a huge advantage in licking an infestation before it gets out of hand. The EPA says “You can use…traps or other monitoring methods.” in this article about do-it-yourself bed bug control. Combine great traps with great mattress protectors and you just made it a bunch easier to stop a problem before it becomes a much bigger problem. This is bed bug diy 101, really.

Where To Put Bed Bug Traps

Where to place bed bug traps is a very common questions folks ask. Really, if you’re using our Clearvue traps, you can put them almost anywhere. Obviously, under the bed is maybe the best place as the mass majority of bedbugs are found within 15 feet or so of where humans sleep. But think outside of the box a bit and you’ll see there are other great places where traps can provide tremendous value. For instance, how about placing traps where you keep your luggage? Of even inside of the luggage when not in use. If you travel and bring bud bugs back with you, this placement may help detect the problem very early on. You may also think about using bed bug traps for cars, furniture, your work place and anywhere else people hang out or where you receive visitors. Bed bug traps for hotels or motels should be placed under and around the bed prior to unpacking if possible. Place them, turn off the lights and go to dinner. Check them when you get back and it may save you from taking a problem home with you. We also recommend a thorough inspection of any rental lodging before even bringing your luggage in. Check the bedding – the seams, the frame, the pillow. If you see egg castings of any other possible signs of bed bugs, leave. It’s that simple.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

So, where are bed bugs found? They are very small and flat, so they can hide out in all sorts of cracks, crevices and tight spots. In general terms, most true infestations will be found close to where humans sleep so the mattress, box springs, headboard and bedding are always suspect. If you store (or hide:) stuff under your bed, they will hide in there as well. Wall sockets, bed frames, night stands, window sills, clothing – just about anything that’s close to your bed is fair game. Again, we really do recommend a good quality mattress encasement as they really do work and protect the large investment you make in your bed. On top of that, keeping bedbugs out of your mattress and box springs will make the problem much easier to eradicate.

Will Bed Bug Traps Catch Fleas?

Can bed bug traps catch other bugs? Sure. Part of that depends on the species of flea you’re dealing with, but really, they’ll catch any small critter that walks into them. How cool is that?



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