Do Bed Bug Traps Work?

Bed bug traps, or monitoring stations, are a great tool that can help you know IF you have a bed bug problem. The other benefit of the traps is that they can tell you WHERE the problem is if you do have them. Bed Bug Traps are inexpensive, very easy to use and a great way to save some serious cash. We recommend using traps along with a good mattress encasement for added protection. Bed Bug Mattress Protectors really do work and offer long term results.

Where To Put Bed Bug Traps

Really, anywhere you suspect you may have a problem or activity. Your emphasis should be places where humans sleep or rest for long periods of time. A very large percentage of bedbugs will be found within 15 feet or so from our beds, so that's a great place to start. Place a bed bug trap under your bed and check it daily. When you're not in the bed, you can place a trap on top of the bed, too. Other places to consider are under a couch or other furniture where folks spend a considerable amount of time or where visitors may have been. Also, where you store your luggage as you can easily bring bed bugs home with your clothing.


So if you suspect you may have bed bugs or frequent places where you feel the risk of exposure to bed bugs is high, use the traps and mattress covers to help head off a potential problem while getting some peace of mind, too. You can see what bed bugs and bed bug bites look like on our bed bug pictures page and get more prevention tips by reading our how to prevent bed bugs article.