bed bug mattress covers really work? Absolutely. Indubitable. Without a doubt. IF you get good ones, if you use them properly and if you use them all of the time. First, they need to be lab tested and certified bedbug proof. And don't go for the cheapest of the cheapest, either. Inexpensive bed bug mattress covers won't always zip up as tightly as they should (or have a Velcro flap for added protection) to be effective. And they won't last nearly as long. On top of that, they probably won't be as comfortable and may be noisy when you move around on the bed.

Some Common Bed Bug Questions

In addition to asking do bed bug mattress covers work, a few of the more commonly asked questions we get are:

  • How to prevent bed bugs? Understanding what causes a bed bug infestation helps and a good mattress encasement should be a part of that equation every time
  • Will bedbugs go away on their own? Probably not, and HERE's why.
  • Do bed bug mattress covers work for fleas. Good quality bedbug mattress covers will and will keep most critters out (or in if already there) of your mattress.
  • How bed bug mattress covers work? Basically, by preventing bed bugs from getting into your mattress. They will also prevent them from getting out if they are already there.

A great mattress protector should be a part of the bed bug control and prevention process every time, in our opinion. Take our advice: get really good bed bug mattress covers. You'll save money in the long run. The peace of mind alone is worth the money and they're a whole lot less expensive than a new mattress/box spring.

Helpful Links

The American Society For Microbiology sites that the use of a bed bug mattress encasement is important for preventing a bed bug problem. Read that article HERE. And Rutgers University includes a mattress encasement (along with bed bug traps) on it's list of cost-effective bed bug control methods that work. Check out that article HERE. If that's not enough, in THIS ARTICLE, the University of Kentucky states that your mattress and box springs provide great hiding places for bedbugs that are extremely difficult to treat effectively.

Get more info about bed bug mattress protectors in our post HERE.