Folks wanna know: do bed bug bites hurt? Or, are bed bug bites painful? Well, typically, no - at least not most of the time. It's possible, as with bees, wasps, ants, scorpions, spiders and other critters, that some folks may have an adverse or allergic reaction to bed bug bites. Which can cause them to hurt. If you have any doubts at all consult your medical professional immediately.

However, most folks don't even know they've been bitten by bedbugs for a day or two afterwards. Mainly because they don't hurt. If you're not sure whether it's bed bug bites or you're being nibbled on by some other critter, use bed bug traps and/or regular sticky traps placed under the bed to help identify the problem. Pest control sticky traps placed next to the bed bug traps work well should it be a spider, which is a common occurrence, or just about any other biting pest besides bed bugs. Regardless of what it is that's biting you, catching it and getting it out of your bedroom is a huge win and the traps are a great tool for bed bug removal - and for spiders, etc.

Do bed bug bites itch? As the bed bug bites develop on your body, they often become quite puffy, reddish and itchy. Of course, the more you scratch them, the more irritated and painful they can be, but the bed bug bites themselves are generally not painful. Believe it or not, bed bugs have a sort of anesthetic in their saliva that makes their bites pretty much undetectable. Add to that the fact that they are just really sneaky critters and you can see why they are so successful as a blood feeder. If you have some sort of critter bites and are wondering do bed bug bites hurt, that's the sort answer.

If you're wondering what bed bugs look like - or what bed bug bites look like - check out our bed bug pictures page HERE. For info about how to protect your mattress and box springs, check out our Bed Bug Mattress Covers page.

Do Bed Bugs Hurt