Getting rid of bed bugs can be a real pain in the keester - especially if they've gotten well established. It stands to reason that we certainly don't want to have to deal with that whole process multiple times. But if the bed bugs do come back, that's exactly what we'll have to do. That's double the time, double the expense, double the stress. And that's what it'll be every time they come back. Not fun.

So...why do bed bugs keep coming back? To understand why they come back, we need to understand first that bed bugs do not occur naturally in our home and/or business. They are introduced to the environment - every time. That means that they were brought there - either by you, a family member, a visitor or by some other means. If you actually do get rid of them and then they come back, that basically means that they were re-introduced to your home - often originating from the same place they came from in the first place. Unless, of course, they were still there - hiding in your mattress and/or box springs all along. That's where a mattress protector can help.

Years ago we had a customer who had to call us out every few months to get rid of bed bugs in their teen aged daughter's room. After paying for this service several times, they finally figured out that she was picking them up at a friend's house that she visited regularly. She stopped going there and we never heard back from them again. It really was that simple - the bed bugs were being brought in from the same place over and over again and that was the cause and effect. Since bed bugs don't generally just go away on their own, these folks had to deal with the expense - and stress - of a bed bug problem several times before figuring it out.

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