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Although it IS possible for bed bugs to go away on their own, it won't happen very often. Here are the possible reasons for a bed bug problem to disappear without human intervention:

  1. Starvation. If there are no sources of food for a long enough period of time, any creature will die. That goes for bed bugs, as well. It'll take nearly six months, though, when it comes to bed bugs. So if you, your family and your pets stay at grandma's house for six months the problem will probably be licked.
  2. Heat. If the inside of your home, and more specifically the center of your mattress, box spring, furniture, the wall voids, and anywhere else they are hiding, reach a temperature of 118 degrees for a minimum of 90 minutes the bed bugs will die. That doesn't usually happen naturally, hence the bed bug heat treatment that many pest control firms offer today.
  3. Freezing. Yes - bed bugs can freeze to death, too. At the 32 degrees freezing mark, it could takes weeks for them to all die. Zero or below, days and 30 below just minutes. They die off instantly at 80 below zero. Of course, it's not the home being that cold that does the job. It must be that cold where the bed bugs actually live to do the job.

So, there you have it. Stay away, heat the house up or freeze everything and the bed bugs will go away on their own. We really recommend really good mattress protectors in any event so that if you get them again, your bed is protected. They really do work and that peace of mind is priceless.

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